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Mint an Ed3 Membership NFT

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An NFT is a unique digital asset.

The Ed3 NFT provides a
life-time membership to the Ed3 DAO. It is re-sellable, there are only 6,000 in total, & each one is unique. "Mint" means purchase.

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Ed3 NFT mints at .1 Ethereum, which at the moment, is about $150 USD (+ or - $20), depending on the crypto market. Minting costs "gas" which is much like a transaction fee.

About Ed3 NFT

This is a historic project. 

We are the FIRST NFT collection made by educators, for educators, powering a community of educators. 

Ed3 Educators ascribe to...
🌀regenerative ecosystems
👩‍🎓student centered learning
🌍global citizenship

Join us to become a transformer of education and a multiplier of web3.

We're the real deal.

Minting an NFT is SAFE, as long as you DO NOT share your passwords with anyone, or click on fake links.




NFTs without utility are like backpacks without anything in them. 🤓

An Ed3 NFT brings you:

🧠 The world's first Web3 for Education micro-credential 

💡 The world's first Web3 for education Unconference

✅ Membership to the first DAO for Educators (Ed3 DAO)

👛 Social tokens to the Ed3 DAO


This NFT is far reaching. 
It will power two important projects for the web3 & education community. 

💜 Ed3 DAO
The first DAO aiming to catalyze innovation in education at scale, using web3. 

💙 Ed3verse
A free & open metaverse space for educators to connect, collaborate, learn, & earn.  


Anatomy of Ed3 NFT

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We are a group of educators reimagining education. Learn, connect, & earn with us.

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