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February 16 - February 18, 2024, Ed3verse

Ed3 Futures:
Transforming Education
with AI & Web3

The Ed3 Futures Summit is a virtual, gamified, learning & networking experience focused on web3, AI, & contextualized for education. 

If you're curious about web3 & AI, and excited to meet innovators, join us! 

🧠 Discussions between innovators & experts about web3, AI & education 

💼 Practical sessions on how the web3 ecosystem is impacting the workforce

🔮 Ideation & collaboration on the future of education

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Past Speakers

Future of Learning
Future of Teaching
Future of Earning
Future of Community

Choose your own learning adventure

This two-day virtual event features a variety of activities.
As an avatar, you'll have flexibility to choose who to talk to and where to spend your time.

Day 1: Synchronous & organized content, networking, demos, & meetings
Day 2: Self-organized exploration & peer-learning (unconference style!) + organized content

Get a feel with Ed3 Unconference 2022

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learning labs
product demos
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Speak: We welcome facilitators & speakers to submit a proposal, whether you are an educator, a builder in web3 & AI, or an innovator. More information is available in the application above.

Sponsor: Support the world's first web3 in education virtual unconference. You can sponsor sessions or spaces. We also build branded, custom spaces you can use for future events. Submit your information in the application above.

Showcase: Do you have a web3 or AI product or service that would benefit our education professionals? We'd love to showcase your work at our vendor booths in our open marketplace. Submit your information in the application above.

Previous Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the audience for this event?

All are welcome age 18+! This conference is most beneficial for:
✅ education professionals (leaders, teachers, founders)
✅ web3 & AI enthusiasts, learners, and investors 

✅ builders & innovators interested in reimagining education

Q: Why should I attend?

This event is an unprecedented opportunity for education professionals & innovators. You will be able to:
⭐learn about emerging solutions in education and EdTech
⭐learn about basic and advanced thinking on how web3 & AI will impact education
⭐engage with world-class experts and leaders in web3 & AI
⭐network with like-minded professionals interested in changing education
⭐enjoy a unique conferencing experience where you can choose your own adventure

Q: How much does this summit cost?

Early bird tickets cost $35 USD and general tickets cost $50 USD. Purchase them here. We've decreased the cost of these tickets from last year's conference due to high demand in emerging markets and global educators. Members who hold an Ed3 Educators NFT attend all conferences for free. 

Q: How do I access the platform?

Our metaverse space is accessible via computer or mobile. It uses very little server bandwidth so it is accessible in rural areas as well. We recommend using headphones for an optimized networking & engagement experience.

Q: Can I apply this toward professional learning credits at my organization?

We offer a digital credential (NFT) that clearly indicates the number of hours this conference has convened for along with major topics of discussion. You are welcome to offer this digital credential to your organization as evidence of your participation toward professional learning credits.

Q: How do I convince my supervisor to purchase tickets for me and my team?

Although we think this is a no-brainer for the modern education professional, we've created a template that provides some language you can use to advocate for your attendance with your supervisor.
Access it here.

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