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Introduction to Blockchain
Registration open until Sept 29, 2022
Level 1 (beginner) micro-credential 
1 month
Synchronous & asynchronous
English language
Course Dates
October 1 - October 31, 2022
Colin Reynolds
VP of Learning, Learning Economy Foundation
Colin Reynolds is an educator, experience designer, creative problem solver. As a polymath and learning curator, he thrives at the intersection of building impactful systems and developing practical solutions to the challenges of both legacy education models and emerging learning trends. With a BS in Education and MEd in Leadership & Policy, he is an experienced educational leader and award-winning classroom teacher with over 15 years experience as an instructor, administrator, and consultant in the areas of project-based learning, school startups, technology, and pedagogical design. 

Course Outcomes
This course breaks down the difficult concept of blockchain into practical, demonstrable pieces of information.

During this course, participants will:
• Explain the foundations of blockchain technology
• Demonstrate ways cryptography provides enhanced security for data transfer
• Make connections with historical technology and present day applications
• Identify real world applications of blockchain utility
• Understand and use relevant blockchain and web3 terminology in context

This course was built by educators, for education professionals.
Course Schedule
Live content sessions
10/03, 10/11, 10/24, 10/31
7:30p ET

Live flex sessions
10/13, 10/26
6:30p ET

If this schedule does not fit your needs, you may want to take this course asynchronously by watching the content session recordings and engaging live in Discord. Or, you may want to wait until we open new cohorts as our program grows and becomes more global.
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"Live sessions" are 60 minute synchronous sessions delivered on Zoom or in our Ed3verse environment by the facilitator. These sessions provide the bulk of content for the course. They are recorded for participants who wish to take the course entirely asynchronously.

"Live Flex Sessions" are 60 minute synchronous sessions delivered on Zoom or in our Ed3verse environment by the facilitator. These sessions are created in real time based on what the cohort needs and can vary from Q&A, to additional content, to feedback sessions. They are not recorded. 

"Hands-on Challenges" are 10-30 min asynchronous tasks that bring the content to life and enable participants to enter into the web3 ecosystem. Every task requires documentation in Discord, where cohort community members learn with each other on a daily basis. 

"Final Application Challenge" is a final assignment that requires participants to use the content from the course to create a plan for implementation in their professional or personal context. The plan is posted for cohort peers to provide feedback. 
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