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Ed3 DAO & k20 Educators Announce Ed3 Unconference 2022

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

🚨The time has come!!!

...that anxiety-filled, throw-up with excitement kind of thing.

Last year, I hosted the first gamified unconference for educators in a virtual environment, before #metaverse was popular. The 400 #educators who attended this one-day event said it was the BEST virtual experience they had ever been to.

This year, we're going to 3x the experience.

🎉 I am ELATED to announce that k20 Educators & Ed3 DAO are hosting a three-day gamified unconference for educators, called:

"Web3 & the Evolution of Education Unconference"

This conference will bring together innovators in #web3 with experts & innovators from education to get to the bottom of this question:

"What impact will web3 have on education?"

👩🏽‍🎓 We're hosting introductory sessions for beginners on the basics of blockchain, NFTs, DAOs, decentralized finance, tokenomics, and more.

🎇We're also hosting dynamic discussions that go deeper into the ethos, practices, and activities of web3 and how they will impact education.

When you're not in sessions, you can choose your own adventure! You can 🤝🏽network, 🎲 play games, 🔍 explore creative environments, 📜 discover resources, and 😍 bump into people from all over the world.

Our aim is that every level of attendee (#edtech professionals, educators, #schooladministrators, #superintendents, web3 innovators, builders, curious humans) will find enormous value and walk away with ideas, actions, and resources.

🎟There's no early bird registration or marketing gimmicks - just grab our affordable ticket because it'll be the best conference you'll go to this year :)

For those who are interested in speaking, you'll be in excellent company with speakers from Getting Smart Learning Economy Foundation Gitcoin Coinbase Bankless Fordham University and many other educators & web3 organizations!



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