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Getting Smart & Ed3 DAO Partner to Educate about Web3

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

🥂A moment for celebration!

We've just launched a series of blogposts on the one & only Getting Smart on #web3 & #education.

Here's what it means for education 👇🏽

Getting Smart is a leading education publication that #schooladministrators and #edtech leaders rely on for new trends, innovative ideas, and best practices in education. It consistently serves as a reference point for education professionals seeking change.

Education has always had a "connectivity" problem, in that ideas & best practices have not been easy to proliferate (meanwhile, other industries share ideas like wildfire). Education has also had a connectivity problem with the rest of the world - as #technology and other industries evolve, education doesn't.

As #Web3 is shaping the workforce, educators are still unaware. They are holding fast to ideas of the past and the few that are innovating are trying their best to spread the ideas but with slow success.

The fact that a major publication like Getting Smart is bringing a focus to #Web3 in education is an ENORMOUS signal to educators that this is something we should learn and connect about. And that education has a new opportunity to evolve quickly and thoughtfully, through web3!

We're STOKED that Ed3 DAO & k20 Educators get to help educate educators about web3.

Oh and don’t glaze over our amazing NFT cover!! Grab your own NFT here:

Check out our first blog!


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