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What is the Web3 & the Evolution of Education Unconference?

Authored by Jessica Barberry

We're only one week away from the world’s first Web3 & The Evolution of Education Unconference beginning Friday, Nov. 11th - 13th.

You’ve probably heard the terms “blockchain”, “metaverse”, “NFT”, and “Web3”. But, are you confused about what they mean, why your students are talking about it, or why educators should care?

The Ed3 Unconference is a virtual, gamified, learning and networking experience focused on web3; contextualized for education. 

In this three-day event beginning Friday, November 11th to Sunday, November 13th, attendees will experience a hybrid of organized presentations mixed with a day of self-organized learning, inside an immersive virtual world. 

Learning will be delivered as presentations, masterminds, edtalks , learning labs, vendor booths, networking, games, mazes, and pop-up self-directed sessions. 

As an avatar, attendees will have freedom to explore a beautiful immersive learning environment, network with experts on the edge of innovation, and leave inspired.  If you are curious about the future of education and excited to meet innovators, join us. No virtual reality headset required! 

Check out our overview articles to get a snapshot of this all-virtual unconference and a sneak peek at our beautiful, gamified avatar-based virtual unconference environment. We will have speakers from CityDAO, Digital Promise, Gitcoin, Fordham University, Getting Smart, Black Creators DAO, Samsung, Pearson, The Learning Economy Foundation, and many more.

You can purchase your tickets here.

Read more about the conference on Medium and Mirror.

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