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Ed3 DAO is the first DAO for educators, by educators, committed to onboarding 1 million educators into the world of web3.

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🗺️ Regenerative Roadmap

Initiatives 2022

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🏅Ed3 Certification

With grant funding from Coinbase Giving, we are building a formal certification that equips educators with the tools, knowledge, & mindsets required to innovate in education using web3. 

If you're interested in bringing the first web3 for education certification to your school (or just for yourself!), send us a message! 

💡Ed3 Unconference

We are planning the world's first web3 for education unconference, in a metaverse environment called the k20 Eduverse.  

Attendees will "choose their own adventure" through Ed3 talks, workshops, networking, hackathons, gaming, exploration, & more. 

If you're interested in sponsoring or attending this event, send us a message!

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Initiatives 2023

Based on funding from NFT sales (help us get there by buying an NFT! 😊) .

💰Grants for Educators

Driven entirely by community voting, we plan to award multiple grants to our community members every year for innovative & impactful projects in education, especially related to Web3. 

🚀Educator Accelerator 

To support the development of innovative learning models, we will create an accelerator program for educators who are building micro-schools and edtech products or services, especially based on web3 principles. We will offer mentorship, partnerships, funding, professional learning, & more.

All of our DAO initiatives are meant to be regenerative

Regenerative systems yield positive impact & growth through virtuous, interdependent, & adaptive cycles. 

Read more about regenerative systems here.

The White Paper

We are a non-profit DAO.

Learn more about our mission, vision, and passion to evolve education, at scale.

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Founded by Educators

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