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💰 Ed3 DAO Micro-Grants

We are excited to launch our micro-grants program, where our NFT holders can apply to fund events, projects, and innovations in the web3 & education space. Check out our current grants below!
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Ed3 Open Source Education Events Micro-grants

This micro-grant program funds web3 & education events across the world, both virtual and in-real-life, hosted by Ed3 DAO members.

Eligibility: Only Ed3 NFT holders are able to apply and/or vote. 

Total fund amount: $50,000 USDC
Max funding per event: $1,000 USDC
Fund timeline: June 2023 - March 2024
Number of rounds: Five

Round 1: July 24, 2023
Round 2: September 24, 2023
Round 3: November 23, 2023
Round 4: January 26, 2024
Round 5: March 27, 2024

Ed3 NFT hodlers! To vote on the proposals, head over to our Discord channel "Ed3 Hodlers" and check out the latest proposals there. 

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