What is Ed3 DAO?

Ed3 DAO is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organized as a holacracy. Founded by educators in 2022, Ed3 DAO is a launchpad and resource hub for the global community of educators who wish to reimagine education. We believe that equipping educators with emerging technologies like web3 and AI can catalyze opportunities for the evolution of our industry.

3 Billion Students

Ed3 DAO started as a virtual meet-up for educators learning about emerging technologies and ideologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, AR/VR/XR, decentralized finance, regenerative systems, NFTs, etc. Since then, we've spread to 40 countries and hundreds of thousands of educators.

Ed3 DAO strives to be a community for educators, by educators, owned by educators. Through a distributed governance model, we hope to empower 1 million educators with emerging tools, mindsets, resources, and knowledge to make change in education.

Why 1 million? One million educators will impact, on average across their career, 3 billion students, which is why educators are the most important multipliers of learning.

The White Paper

We are a non-profit DAO.
Learn more about our mission, vision, and passion to evolve education, at scale.

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