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Advocacy, Innovation, and Education: Lessons from My Washington D.C. Fly-In With Stand With Crypto🛡

ADVOCACY MATTERS Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to Stand With Crypto for a "fly-in date" in Washington D.C., where I joined 40 other founders from the crypto and Web3 ecosystem to meet with lawmakers and discuss the state and future of our rapidly evolving industry. I had the honor of representing Ed3 DAO, at this event to help inform policymakers about how Ed3 DAO is exploring the use of web3 technologies to reimagine education. The experience was both eye-opening and encouraging, and I wanted to share three key takeaways that resonate not just for those in crypto and Web3, but for any stakeholder invested in the future of technology and education.

NOT ABOUT POLITICS, BUT ABOUT DOING WHAT’S RIGHT As someone who conversed with politicians from both sides of the aisle, it was refreshing to see that the issues surrounding web3 and crypto were not overly politicized. Most lawmakers agreed that the primary issue here is the unfair politicization of the technology. The common sentiment was clear: let’s focus on providing a space for innovation that can propel America forward. Sensible regulation can make this technology more accessible and place our country at the forefront of the digital revolution.

EDUCATE TO EMPOWER The final takeaway is the imperative to educate. As builders and thought leaders in the web3 space, our job isn’t done when we exit the halls of Congress. The broader ecosystem—investors, users, and yes, educators—need to understand what we’re working on and why it matters. And let’s not limit this to crypto Twitter or technical jargon. The language we use matters, and it’s crucial to make these complex concepts accessible, not just technically but also culturally.

WHAT’S NEXT? Before jumping into some final thoughts, it is important to recognize that my participation in the event was made possible because of the long time connection between Ed3 DAO and Coinbase. As a former grant recipient from Coinbase, we are thankful for the continued support and collaboration as we journey through web3.

With the promise of potential legislation on the horizon, now is the time to be active, vocal, and continue efforts to educate. Let's leverage our platforms, whether they're social media accounts or blogs, to be approachable voices in this space. In doing so, we contribute to a future where technology and education intersect to offer more equitable and expansive opportunities for all.

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